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PLOS 2006

Linguistic Support for Modern Operating Systems

October 22, 2006
Hilton Hotel
San Jose, California, USA
Co-located with ASPLOS XII
Developing operating systems is a complex task and developers are reluctant to change anything, especially the programming language. They want control and they want performance, and C gives them both. Therefore, even today, the historic language C is predominantly used to implement OSs. Thus, research is often limited to extend or modify existing systems. Modern concepts and languages, well-known and proven in other domains, are not adopted for the sake of performance optimization and backward compatibility. However, the discussion about security and reliability especially with respect to internet attacks shows the drawbacks of traditional development approaches and demands for new ideas. This workshop aims at a lively discussion about novel approaches in OS construction based on language concepts, e.g., object-orientation, type safety, language support for OS verification, testing/debugging, separation of concerns, and domain-specific languages.


10/17/06 Final workshop program available on the program page.
10/05/06 Preliminary program available on the program page.
08/17/06 The submission deadline has been extended to 8/28/2006.
06/29/06 Jonathan S. Shapiro, The Johns Hopkins University, USA, will be our invited speaker
06/28/06 Workshop Homepage online!!!
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