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Workshop Program

PLOS 2013 will be an all-day workshop on Sunday, November 3rd, held at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort (PA, USA) just before SOSP. Registration is handled via SOSP (http://sigops.org/sosp/sosp13/registration.html). Workshop registration is a fixed rate—there is no late registration cut-off.

PLOS will be in meeting room Sequoia. The room is split and PLOS is in the largest part.

Don't forget that clocks turn back one hour from Saturday to Sunday on the 3rd November 2013, so do ensure that you show up at the right time!

8.55 – Welcome (Tim Harris and Anil Madhavapeddy)

9.00 – Keynote Talk: (Session Chair: Anil Madhavapeddy)

  • Go, for distributed systems. Russ Cox (Google)

    Go is a programming language developed at Google over the past five years for use building systems, in particular distributed systems. This talk examines the ways that Go makes it easier to build, examine, interact with, and debug distributed systems.

    Russ Cox has been one of the core developers of the Go programming language at Google since 2008. Before working on Go he developed Google's Code Search, which let programmers grep through the world's public source code; he wrote the search engine for the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences; and he hacked at Bell Labs on the Plan 9 operating system. He earned his AB and SM from Harvard in 2001 and his PhD from MIT in 2008.

10.10 – Paper Presentation 10.30 – Coffee

11.00 – Verification, Specification and Modelling (Session Chair: Gilles Muller) 12.30 – Lunch

14.00 – Distributed OS Programming (Session Chair: Tim Harris) 15.00 – Break

15.15 – Analysis and Debugging (Session Chair: Olaf Spinczyk) 16.00 – Coffee

16.30 – Demos and discussions (Session Chair: Anil Madhavapeddy)
  • Demo: Annotation for Automation: Rapid Generation of File System Tools. Kuei Sun, Daniel Fryer, Angela Demke Brown, and Ashvin Goel.
    The details of the annotated file system metadata structures, the code templates, and the compiler. We are able to show the full workflow going from annotating the file system to the generated code that can be compiled by a C compiler and be able to run on a file system image.

  • Demo: MBrace: Cloud Computing with Monads. Jan Dzik, Nick Palladinos, Konstantinos Rontogiannis, Eirik Tsarpalis, and Nikolaos Vathis (Nessos Information Technologies).
    A selection of distributed algorithms running on MBrace. The demo involves Visual Studio, the MBrace REPL and a locally executing MBrace cluster.

  • Demo: Semi-Automated Debugging via Binary Search through a Process Lifetime. Kapil Arya (Northeastern University), Tyler Denniston (MIT), Ana-Maria Visan (Google Inc.), and Gene Cooperman (Northeastern University).

  • Demo: Weir: A Streaming Language for Performance Analysis. Anton Burtsev, Nikhil Mishrikoti, Eric Eide, and Robert Ricci (University of Utah).
    An interactive demonstration of Weir, the streaming language for performance analysis. We will demonstrate how Weir can help looking at Xentrace and BTS (Branch Tracing Store) traces of Xen VMs.

  • Demo: Your Server as a Function. Marius Eriksen (Twitter Inc).

17.30 – Close (approx) (Tim Harris and Anil Madhavapeddy)

18.00 – SOSP reception

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